Canada Day Countdown

Posted on Thursday, June 30, 2016 14:12 PM

Market Square has become to a large extent the place to be for Canada Day. Stephanie Peterson of the Hardman Group says there's lots of entertainment beforehand with the Canada Day Countdown starting at 5:00 featuring.........

FM Berlin

Kid Koala

David Myles

Plants & Animals

Yukon Blonde

Dear Rouge

One Canada Day, the activities at Market Square get underway tomorrow morning at 11:30.

Boardwalk Entertainment                                                      Boardwalk Activities

Tim Maloney MC                                                                             Popcorn

Waterstreet Dinner Theatre                                                          Giveaways

Ivan Daigle                                                                                        Balloons

Party Books                                                                                       Giant Bounce Rides

Ryan Leblanc                                                                                    Euro Bungee

FM Berlin                                                                                          Mechanical Bull Ride

Shrimp Daddy and the Sharpshooters

Royal Wood

Party Boots

The fireworks will be set off at dusk. There's no specific time because if the fog starts to roll in, they will be set off so people can actually see them.