SJHS Holds First Ever Student Development Day

Posted on Monday, November 13, 2017 12:03 PM

It was a very busy half day for students at Saint John High School on Wednesday as the school held its first ever Student Development day.

Student Council president Ben Lahoar says they had plenty of speakers covering a number of areas.

"We have people talking about building self-esteem through modelling, we have people coming in talking about self-confidence through boxing, we have people coming in talking about sexual health, we've given students a wide variety of opportunities to talk about something that they think is very relevant to them," says Lahoar.

"We invited students to sign up for various mental health sessions throughout the school, so we've invited speakers and people within the mental health field to come in and discuss how people can stay mentally healthy and mentally fit."

The students started the day by hearing from motivational speaker John Westhaver who took the students through his experience and recovery from a horrific car crash that killed three of his St. Stephen high school friends and left him with burns to 75 percent of his body.