UPDATED: Baby Girl Delivered On The Grand Manan Adventure

Posted on Wednesday, December 9, 2015 14:55 PM

The crew on the Grand Manan Adventure helping in the delivery of a baby girl on the ferry Wednesday morning.

The director of passenger services for Coastal Transport Limited Brian Ryder tells us everything went fine and everyone was in good health when they left the vessel.

The ferry was on the Grand Manan to Blacks Harbour route and the ferry was tied up in Blacks Harbour for the delivery of the baby which happened in the ferry's hospital room - we're told a doctor and a nurse were on board at the time. Mom and baby then made their way to hospital by ambulance.

Brian Ryder says this is the only birth on board that they've ever heard of and that they've been doing this for 40-something years.

General Manager Greg Ryder tells us the captain is very proud of the crew and the crew is happy to have been part of the event. He says they have a request into the mother to present a package to the baby girl on her way back home to Grand Manan.