Lead Investigator Testifies At Oland Trial

Posted on Wednesday, January 9, 2019 20:19 PM

The lead investigator on the Richard Oland murder investigation testifying on Day 16 of the Dennis Oland second-degree murder trial.

Retired Constable Rick Russell was called in from vacation to run the case on July 7th 2011.

Crown Prosecutor PJ Veniot asked about his approach and Russell responds that he wanted to secure the scene, search for evidence which included canvassing on the street and in businesses.

Russell wears booties, a mask and gloves at the crime scene and follows forensic officer Sgt. Mark Smith's advice on where to walk in the crime scene.

He doesn't touch anything and recalls seeing a lot of blood around the victim's head.
He notices the Rolex watch and other items and doesn't think theft is a motive.

Russell knew that wanted to speak with the Oland family to learn about the relationships including enemies and love interests.

On July 14th, he served a search warrant for Dennis Oland's home on Gondola Point Road to his wife Lisa.

Officers were bused to the home to search inside and outside and they worked in pairs going through each room.

Among the items seized were documents, a computer, a PalmPilot and a lint trap from a bathroom.