Sophia Recovery Centre Chosen As Recipient Of Friars' Concert

Posted on Thursday, June 30, 2016 14:50 PM

The Let's Celebrate concert put on by the Friars' family will raise money this year for the Sophia Recovery Centre in Saint John, which is described as a one-of-a-kind women's addiction recovery centre.

When it comes to what they'll do with the money, executive director of the centre Stacey Doyle says they've been talking as to how they can increase their impact and remove some of the barriers that women are experiencing and the three major items that their women have identified are: child care, transportation and their hours of operation.

"We are looking at sort of, how can we create a more comphrensive program that kind of targets the whole family, and supports women in their roles whatever they may be in their families," says Doyle.

Last year, 233 women made 2495 visits to the centre looking for support and 46-percent of those women who took part in a program of recovery were sober at th end of the year.

Tracey Friars says all of the proceeds go to the charity and that they manage their expenses very tightly.

"There's very little on the expense line and we're able to give a great deal to the charities that we've chosen. Last year it was the Five Priority Neighborhoods and we were able to give them, it was pretty close to $55,000 by the time it was done."

The Friars' family has hosted concerts to support community groups in Saint John for the past 12 years and have raised over half a million dollars. This year's concert is on November 28 at the Imperial Theatre.