Campaign Hopes To Draw Attention To Careers In The Business Service Centre Sector

Posted on Friday, May 19, 2017 14:22 PM

Six New Brunswickers who have found rewarding careers in the business services sector, are sharing their stories as a part of a campaign launched today in Moncton.

It's hoped that they will inspire others to want to work at a business services centres.

Finance Minister Cathy Rogers says there are 2000 job openings, including home based work, "There are so many opportunities for New Brunswickers to come back home, to make this, if it is currently their home, make this an industry to work.  It is attractive for many companies to hire New Brunswickers because of the way we are as a people."

750 of the jobs are English only speaking jobs, and Rogers adds there are also opportunities for those who speak other languages, including French and Spanish because from here in New Brunswick, we can business around the world..

She says these jobs also pay well,  "They have good pensions, good benefits.  They are inspires a lot of great values that many people look for in their workplace."

The business services sector employs 18000 people across 90 centres in the province.

The campaign is call "The Future Is Here--Answer The Call"