Provincial Government Introducing New Exotic Animal Legislation

Posted on Tuesday, October 31, 2017 12:30 PM

Four years after the tragic deaths of two young brothers who were killed by a python, the provincial government has announced it is introducing new legislation to regulate possessing and owning exotic animals in New Brunswick.

Noah and Connor Barthe were killed in 2013 after an African rock python got out of its enclosure in Campbellton. Autopsies determined the boys died as the result of being asphyxiated by the python that was housed in the same apartment the boys were staying at for a sleepover.

Energy and resource development minister Rick Doucet says in a release this act will address gaps in inspection and enforcement that exist under the current legislation, which the Exotic Animal Task Force recommended back in 2015 that the government review.

The government says a list of exotic animals that don't require a permit will be approved and those not on that list will need a permit through the department of energy and resource development.