Marysville, NB Man Wins Big With Atlantic 49

Posted on Tuesday, March 13, 2018 12:16 PM

New Brunswick now has another millionaire...

Darren Shannon received his cheque this morning at the Atlantic Lottery Corporation.

Shannon is a trucker from Marysville, but he was working in Summerside when he purchased the winning ticket.

"I was driving truck and stopped to get a coffee, and decided to get a ticket."

Shannon checked the ticket manually the day after the draw, and thought he had only won $50, and then he forgot about the ticket until this past Friday.


The latest #NB millionaire Darren Shannon

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When he finally took the tickets in to get validated, he had the clerk check five tickets.  One was worth $5, and then Shannon learned that the other ticket was worth a million dollars.

The winning ticket was for the February 28th Atlantic 49 draw, and it was purchased at Reads Corner Esso in Summerside, PEI.

Shannon says he has been playing the lotto for about seven years, and never played regular numbers, just Instapik, and he has never won anything this big before.

His plans for the money, "I got a brand new truck, just going to pay that off."  

He also wants to pay off some other bills, and is thinking of buying a four wheeler or taking a trip, but he has no plans of retiring.

"I'm going to pay off my bills and go back to work."

What does the rest of his family and friends think?  "They don't believe it yet, not until I get home with the big cheque," Shannon said.  

Shannon is the fifth Atlantic 49 winner in the past four months.