Gruesome Photos Shown During Marissa Shephard's Murder Trial

Posted on Monday, March 12, 2018 18:31 PM

The first three witnesses in Marissa Shephard's trial for first degree murder and arson were called yesterday by the Crown.

Forensic specialists for the RCMP explained the timeline of events, and how and where they collected evidence, ranging from two box cutter knives, to a screwdriver with red stains on the tip.

Corporal Denis LeBlanc was on the witness stand when gruesome photos of the victim, 18-year old Baylee Wylie were shown to the jury, highlighting his numerous wounds.

At that point, members of the Wylie family left the courtroom, clearly distraught.

LeBlanc described finding childrens toys, and a toy tote bag next to Wylie's body which initially was covered by a charred and melted box spring.

The trial resumes this morning at 9:30, with Corporal LeBlanc still on the witness stand.