Surviving A Heart Attack On The Golf Course

Posted on Thursday, November 8, 2018 18:41 PM

Andy Fox is a survivor.    He has a tale to tell for life after having a heart attack on the golf course in Westfield this August.

Fox was sweating profusely and had indigestion but never thought for a second it was a heart attack.

His fellow golfers called 911 performed CPR and called for an AED defibrillator to be brought out to the course.

Andy was with Bob Whipple when he collapsed.

"I was passed out and Bob called 911," Andy says.

Meanwhile, Bob Whipple tells us "I was hollering for our guys who were up the fairway pulling their bags to come back".

Doug Hubbard performed CPR on Andy and it was Doug's grandson Jackson who brought the defibrillator out to the fifth hole on a golf cart.

Fox is doing fine now after having two stents put in.